In order to visit the park, visitors should have with them a valid identification document and must strictly adhere to the rules and conditions described below.


The following materials are NOT permitted inside the park.

  • - Sharp objects.
  • - Flamable objects
  • - Firearms
  • - Food and beverages of any kind.
  • - Chewing Gum
  • - Beauty products
  • - Personal video and photo cameras (But, cell phone and tablets are allowed)
  • - Laptop computers
  • - Cigarettes including electronic cigarettes.
  • - Narcotics
  • - Pets


The following actions and behaviors are strictly prohibited inside the park:

  • - Walking on grass and white marbles.
  • - Littering (this includes tissue, paper, food or water containers). Visitors can use the trash baskets made available.
  • - Touching or leaning on artifacts, exhibits, walls and projection or video screens.
  • - Making excessively loud noises.
  • - Leaving children unattended.
  • - Disturbing or agitating the animals in any way.
  • - Throwing garbage’s, food and any other materials in animal's enclosure.
  • - Smoking cigarettes or use other types of narcotics.